Welcome to Primeoption. Primeoption is an AI auto Stock and Crypto Exchange where Crypto can be mined and stocks can be bought, Primeoption is registered, licensed and Regulated by The Polish Securities and Exchange Commission (KPWiG), Primeoption offers the best Cloud mining services for Crypto mining and offer dividend/Cannabis stocks to our customers. With Artificial intelligence couple with the best Expert traders we offer autotrading bots to enable our clients cut short unnecessary loss and make maximum profit without having to execute trade or monitor your trades everytime and can maximize time to enjoy your daily endeavors and make profits on the go. Cryptocurrency mining has never been easy, here at Prime option we have our clients at heart that's why we've teamed up with the best engineers in the Fintech community to put smiles on the face of our clients. Prime option runs on masternode blockchain technology which makes it fast and cost efficient to mine bitcoin and ERC20 to mine Ethereum on the Blockchain Technology respectively, with the best Mining Power and Hash Rates that runs 24/7, you're 100% guaranteed to break even in a month, you don't have to worry about about unwanted sounds in your home or worry about power.

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Fast and simple start

  • 1. Autonomous Registration. Complete a simple enrollment process that catches hardly some breath.
  • 2. Deposit.Execute a deposit in the suitable plan applying one of the payment operations.
  • 3. Expect Gain.Expect Gain at the event according to the tariff policy.
  • 4. Withdraw.Withdraw earnings on the purse and repeat.